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In such an endeavour of passing on the business of jewelry to next successors, Shree. 
Shambulal Jain, the founder and chairman of Praveen Jewels who belong to Ganna group of 
family has more than 3 to 4 decades of matchless experience on his account, his patience, 
hard work, simplicity with tremendous vision with faith brought name and fame to Praveen 
Jewels which created golden bridge with his priceless customers, no doubt Shree. Shambulal 
Jain is a living inspiration to young business entrepreneurs.

Praveen Jewels proudly shares to say, we have a selected deft artisans who are the souls 
of our quality jewelry in making specialized ornaments, ranging from gold, silver, diamond, 
rubies, emerald and platinum. It also has an added feather of presenting rare gem stones with 

advice from gem experts as gems play a vital part in our life to discover the power to heal our 
body, mind and soul, each and every gem is handpicked to ensure that it serves the sole purpose 
of its existence.

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